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Finding our magazine during the times of COVID

Due to safety concerns and the resulting business shutdowns around the state, you may not be able to find edible MAINE at the businesses where you usually would. Currently (it is growing each week) you can find us at the following locations through shopping, delivery, takeout, etc:
The Garrison - Yarmouth

Winter Hill Farmstand - Freeport

Whatley Farm - Topsham 

Now You’re Cooking - Bath 

Elevated Remedies - Brunswick 

Merry Meeting Kitchen/ Turtle Rock Farm - Brunswick

Morning Glory - Brunswick 

In breakfast boxes from The Brunswick Inn, Brunswick 

Sur Lie -  in farm baskets Portland 

Primo - Rockland

In Good Company - Rockland

Maine Street Market - Rockland 

Nina June - Rockport 

40 Paper - Camden 

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