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let's get through this together

This situation is intense. It is troubling. It is far reaching. However, we will endure. How will we accomplish this? We will work together and support each other through. Here at edible MAINE we are committed to supporting our readers, staff and contributors, advertisers and local businesses, distributors, and everyone else affected by COVID-19. The scope of this outbreak and the impact it has on all of us will continue to develop and we will do our best to keep these resources updated and everyone informed. We get through this together and as such we are happy to point out and promote the resources that so many have created to help spread information and good thoughts throughout these times. Finally, our thoughts are with those impacted by the effects of COVID-19 both here in Maine and around the world.

-Christopher Ellis-Jacobs
Owner & Publisher, edible MAINE

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Maine Magazine's Takeout List

Portland Takeout and Delivery


American Farmland Trust's Farmer Relief Fund

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Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Farm and Seafood Directory

TED interview with Bill Gates about COVID-19

Food safety tips for your home

How we will beat COVID-19