THE BEST DAMN BLOODY MARY EVER... just in time for the weekend (if they even still exist)!

by Christopher Ellis-Jacobs

I know it is a strange time right now. Most people are not going to work, so when the weekend rolls around it can be barely noticeable. The monotony of our current situation, where one moment bleeds into the next before it is even finished, means that it can seem like we are doing everything and nothing all at the same time. To answer the great Dame Maggie Smith's question, "What IS a weekend?" It is the perfect time to celebrate the end of the week with a little something special. Maybe some Irish cream in your morning coffee or a cupcake for breakfast... or maybe THE BEST DAMN BLOODY MARY YOU WILL EVER TASTE! ;o)

edible MAINE's Perfect Bloody Mary

makes about 3 cups mix

2 Cups tomato juice

1/2 Cup dill pickle juice

1/4 Cup fresh lemon juice

2 Tablespoons fresh minced cilantro

1-2 Tablespoon horseradish

2 Teaspoons hot sauce

2 Teaspoons Worcestershire

1 Teaspoon kosher salt

1 Teaspoon black pepper

½ Teaspoon celery seeds

Combine all ingredients, shake and let sit overnight in fridge. Strain before use and mix with vodka. We usually add 1.5oz vodka to 3oz of bloody mary mix.

And don't forget to pair that bloody mary with a breakfast worthy to share the stage. We had some homemade bread and built toasts with our quick guacamole, roasted red bell peppers, pea tendrils, applewood smoked bacon and a fried egg.

They were so good together it gave us enough energy to have a very productive weekend... after a nap, of course.